3 Weird Comic Crossovers You Never Heard About 

One of the major parts of modern comics is the iconic crossovers between characters. It is not uncommon to see Spiderman swing by the X-mansion or Batman popping into Metropolis City. In fact, we can’t count how many times we’ve seen the characters come together to fight a threat or even each other.

However, there are also times when comics get weird as these superheroes will crossover into something completely unrelated. Check out these 3 weird comic crossovers you never heard about.

Django and Zorro – the official Sequel 

One of the first odd sequels to the film was the Django and Zorro collaboration. The comic was set after the end of Django Unchained where he returned to bounty hunting to provide for his wife. He was hired as the bodyguard for the former Zorro. Together, the duo posed as rich railway investors to fight off the proclaimed Archduke of Arizona and save the Native American tribe that was enslaved.

X-Men and Star Trek

In early 1996, the teams of Paramount Studios and Marvel made a plan to create a series of crossovers between X-Men and Star Trek. The plot was based on the X-Men traveling through a wormhole to team up with the Star Trek cast. The two teams united to combine their phasers and mutant powers to burn out and defeat Proteus.

Batman and Sherlock Holmes

While teaming up two of the greatest detectives isn’t weird, how DC did it was. The comic plot led Robin and Batman to travel to London and stop Moriarty’s descendant from killing the Queen. That is when they received help from Sherlock Holmes. While the team up is unique, the problem was that Sherlock worked in the 1930s, which make him 130 during the time of the published comic.

The comic gets even weirder as time-travel becomes easily accessible, which means Batman could travel back to Victoria England or Holmes traveling forward to the future before his time.

What do you think about these weird comic crossovers? Comment below and share your opinions with us!


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