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Comics: an exciting part of art industry

Comics were created for immigrants, who didn’t know much English, but could quickly learn and understand a story or a message in a series of pictures with accompanying text. The idea came from children’s textbooks: exciting pictures helped kids learn new words. Comics also got widespread in France, but as a form of art originated in the USA. The first comic book was published in 1882. It was children’s story about the adventures of bears and tigers. By the beginning of the 20th century there had already been several dozens of popular stories created in this genre.
At first graphic novels mainly displayed any comical story. For example in 1920s – 1930s charming savage Tarzan, who found himself in absurd and comical situations, was comics character beloved by Americans. However, in 1938 was created Superman, who gave the comics a completely different direction. It was a beginning of “golden age of comics”, during which about 400 characters were created. It lasted until the end of the 50s.
Most of the comics heroes look like Superman – a mythical creature endowed with superpowers to fight against the evil forces. These fantastic characters, created by talent writers and artists, have always helped ordinary people to cope with the daunting tasks during the darkest days. People also like the idea of new fantastic worlds and universes. Nowadays one of the most popular and famous comic book characters are Superman, Batman, X-Men, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, The Avengers and many more.
Comic fans perceive these stories not as something meaningless or just entertainment. Many comic books carry a clear educational message, as the antagonism of the positive hero and the villain is always very clear. At the end of each story there is a battle, where superhero is usually a winner and the bad guys get what they deserve. It is kind of a modern fairy tale that even adults enjoy reading.
Today Comic-con is one of the world’s major and the biggest exhibition, which attracts comic book, science fiction stories and movie fans. They conduct a variety of activities, create alternate stories and cosplay parties dedicated to the favorite comics characters. And even though with the advent of television the popularity of comics decreased a little, the advanced features of cinema creators have given comics a new life on the big screen.
Comics industry offers a huge variety of themes and genres for any reader. It the end it all boils down to what you prefer. In our articles we’ve gathered a lot of information that will help beginners get acquainted with the magical world of comics, as well as dive a little more into history for those who are already comics fans. Do you like superheroes? Then find out which of your favorite characters have made it to the bid screen. Or maybe you’re a beginner cartoonist? You might benefit from reading all about the main comic book artists that have been creating fantasy worlds all their life.
We want to encourage readers to give comic books and graphic novels a chance to become something more than just a series of images and a text. Remember, if you think that comics are just for kids or superhero nerds, you might cut off the great art industry, which is created by the most outstanding artists.