Top 5 Best-Selling Comics of All time 

Believe it or not – Comics are a big business that has ultimately leaped into the digital world. Let’s check out the top five best-selling comics of all time.

#5 X-Men

As the strangest superheroes on the list, Marvel’s X-Men were on the brink of being canceled but only to be rebooted with a powerful team. Writer Chris Claremont finally made the team stick as X-Men grew in success with numerous spin-offs. X-men also went into the Guinness World Record for the best-selling single issue; the ‘91’s renumbered X-Men #1.

#4 One Piece 

Since the series started in 1997, the crazy pirate has an acknowledged debt to Dragon Ball Creator Eiichiro Oda was determined to take Dragon Ball’s popularity as a challenge. With over 73 volumes, One Piece is the fourth best-selling comics in the world. There are also special episodes that crossed over with Dragon Ball.

#3 Spider-Man

With international sales, Spiderman catches readers just as flies. His massive popularity benefited from the early 90’s boom. Spiderman’s biggest-selling issue was the Amazing Spiderman issue #583. This was the popular backup story where President Barrack Obama became a Marvel character.

#2 Batman 

Over 450 million in sales has lead Batman to the number 2 spot on the list. His early popularity led his Detective Comics to be sold in millions on a regular basis. While the story might be a bit apocryphal, Batman has become one of the best-selling comic heroes of all time and still going strong.

#1 Superman

With over 600 million copies in the sale, the best-selling comic character of all time is no other than Superman. This superhero becomes extremely popular in the 30s as his first issue was released in 1938. From there, he has spun off into everything from comics to TV shows and lunchboxes.

What is your favorite comic of all time? Comment below and tell us your favorites!

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