Captain America: 6 comics about main American superhero

Capitan America is a comic book superhero from Marvel Company. Created by writer Joe Simon and artist Jack Kirby he appeared in the comic book Captain America Comics # 1 in March of 1941 for the first time. Over the years “Captain America” comic books were sold more than 210 million copies in 75 countries. In comics “Captain America” is referred to anyone who is selected by the US government to wear a costume and a shield.
For almost entire history of the comics Captain America was an alter ego of Steve Rogers, morbid young man who was enhanced with the experimental serum to the peak of human perfection in order to help US military operations. Captain America wears an American flag inspired costume and uses and indestructible shield as a weapon. This superhero was often pictured fighting against the Nazi unit, which made him one of the most popular characters during the World War II. His popularity wanes with the end of the war and by the 1950s he had disappeared. However the Silver Age of Comics brought this American superhero back to life as part of The Avengers team in 1964.
Since then Captain America often appears in the comics and even on the big screen. We decided to trace the life and history of the main American superhero from the very beginning.

Captain America
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1. Captain America Comics Vol. 1

Captain America Comics Vol. 1

We decided to start Captain America comic book guide from the very beginning: in particular from 1941 when Joe Simon and Jack Kirby came up with one of the main symbols of Western popular culture – Captain America.
The first issue tells a story about the origin of the superhero. Weak, but brave young man Steve Rogers becomes a volunteer in a government experiment and as a result gets superpowers from a miraculous serum. Scientist, who invented the serum, dies immediately from a German spy, which leaves Roger one of a kind.
The fact that Steve Rogers was brave even before any superpowers is an important point of the comics. Plus, this issue was illustrated by Jack Kirby, who drew Captain America almost until his death in 1994.
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2. Avengers Vol. 1

The Avengers movie art

It is impossible to talk about Captain America and not mention the Avengers. They met in the 60s when Captain America became an undisputed leader of this brave team. In “Avengers Vol. 1” series Captain America appears only in the 4th issue. Readers learn the story of how Captain America fell from an experimental Nazi plane in the Atlantic Ocean during the war. He was frozen in the ice, but brought back to life after two decades.
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3. Captain America: Man Out of Time Vol 1

Captain America’s shield covered with ice

After the end of World War II the popularity of Captain America started to decrease and the character disappeared for a while. But in 1963 Marvel returned Captain America in rather ingenious way: The Avengers found frozen Captain in a block of ice and revived him.
Captain America spent almost twenty years lying in the ice and woke up to a new world. The story was retold many times and as a result every time the amount of years increased. For instance in 2011 movie it turned out that Captain has spent 70 year covered in ice.
“A Man Out of Time” basically tells a story about the shock that one experiences falling asleep during the World War II and awakening in the present time.
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4. Captain America No More

In the late 80s Marvel has entrusted the ongoing about Captain America to Mark Gruenwald. Mark’s ideas were quite bold and original for that time, but his main achievement was plot arc called “Captain America No More”.
Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America and other hero takes over – Super-Patriot. “Captain America No More” shows that not only Captain America is a patriotic symbol, but it is a particular person (Steve Rogers), who wears the suit for many years. Eventually Super-Patriot is unable to cope with the role of national hero and commits murder. Of course the comics end with the opposition between the true Captain America and the new one.

5. Captain America: Living Legend

Captain America: the living legend

“Captain America: Living Legend” is a modern mini-series (only 4 issues) about the Captain. It is easy-read story that has espionage, war, Russian astronauts and alien monsters. This is a great choice for those who want to quickly get to know the character, while reading inspiring thoughts on war and soldiers.
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6. The Death of Captain America

The plot is easy to guess from the title. And although the death in comics has lost its meaning, it is different for Captain America. “The Death of Captain America” is mostly not about the Captain, but his surroundings. It shows how much of the Marvel’s world is actually holds by Steve Roger. As well as it talks about modern America and confusing world we all live in.

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