Top 6 of the most famous comics in the world

More than one generation of teenagers has grown reading exciting stories about favorite heroes: Superman, Batman, Hulk and Iron Man. Comics were and still remain the subject of worship for both children and adults.
There are many definitions of comics, but generally comics is a series of images, which tells some kind of a story. Comics may not even have any text. “Silent comics” tell an intuitive story with its images. But most of the time direct speech is transmitted through a “speech bubble” usually presented as a cloud coming out of the mouth or head of a character. The author’s words are usually placed above or under the comics’ frames.
Every year comics become more and more popular all around the world. Thousands of people read comics every day, Hollywood makes movies based on comic novels and some even consider it to be the great literature. Like any other form of art, comics have different genres, but the most numerous and well-knows are comics about superheroes.
The world of comics is huge and for many years it has been replenishing with thousands of characters, series, themes and scenes. So let’s take look at the most well-known comics stories that have been capturing our attention for many years.

1. Spider-Man


Almost everyone knows this comic. It describes the story of a superhero, who survived a bite from a radioactive spider and turned into a Spider-Man. And now he has superpowers – the ability to cling to walls using solid spider web produced by the movement of his hand.
Spider-Man also has superhuman strength, excellent “spider-sense” that alerts him to danger, as well as superhuman speed and perfect balance. Like any superhero he fights crime and tries to make the city a safe place. Although Spider-Man has a pretty long list of enemies, he doesn’t give up, because he is driven by not only desire to improve the world, but also love.
Comics came out between 1963 and 2012. There has been a few movies filmed and several video games released based on this character.

2. V for Vendetta

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This is a classical dystopia and one of the most important comics in history. The series consists of only 10 issues and describes 1980s – 1990s after a global catastrophe. Fascist and totalitarian regime is now established in England. Citizens suffer from minority persecution, crime, violence and corruption.
The main character stands against the new regime, but nobody knows his name. At the same time he calls himself a V. He hides his face under Guy Fawkes mask and starts a war with the existing rules to prove people that they can live in the world without cruel despots.
The story was written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd. In 2006 Warner Bros. released eponymous movie based on this comics.

3. Batman


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This comic is about one of the most important an influential superhero in the history. Batman is a comic book character created by the illustrator Bob Kane in collaboration with the writer Bill Finger. According to the original version of character’s biography – Batman is an alter ego of Bruce Wayne – an industrialist, billionaire and philanthropist, who has declared war to the crime after his parents were killed by a robber. Bruce Wayne swore to liberate the city from the evil that took the lives of his parents.
Unlike other superheroes, Batman is an ordinary person with no superpowers. He fights crime with his brilliant intelligence and excellent knowledge in science and technology, as well as indomitable will and the ability to instill fear in his enemies. He wears a bat-inspired suit and goes to the streets of the fictional city Gotham to confront criminals, corrupted politicians, as well as the group of villains including such characters as The Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Penguin.

4. Sin City

A character from Sin City

Sin City is a series of graphic novels created by Frank Miller. It is a complex sequence of stories with tense crime scenes and clearly expressed moral message. Plots are often intertwined with each other and the main character of one story can become minor in other.
Stories unfold in a fictional Basin City, also known as Sin City. Even during the daytime this metropolis lives nightlife. The city is populated with strong and unmanageable people, street predators and their victims, police and maniacs. Most characters are very cynic, cruel and unpleasant. Although during the story they demonstrate the most intimate and profound human qualities, including guilt, love and desire to protect the weak.
Comics mostly have black and white graphic solution and a lot of text, which is unusual for this genre of graphic novels.

5. X-Men

Wolverine – X-Men superhero

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This comic novel tells a story about the team of superheroes. X-Men was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and released in 1963. X-Men are mutants that due to the evolutional jump were born with latent superhuman abilities. Ordinary people hate and fear mutants and consider them as a threat to a human society. Some X-Men use their power for criminal purposes, which increase the tension in relationships between humans and mutants. At the same time Professor Charles Xavier has dreamed about peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans for a long time. Therefore he gathered X-Men to defend the world that hates and fears them.
Due to the wide cultural, ethnic and racial diversity The X-Men comics became very popular and famous all around the world. There are several movies as well as animated films released based on the story about X-Men.

6. The Avengers

The Avengers
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This team of elite superheroes was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. The first comic book was released in 1963 and originally had Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man and the Hulk as team members. However, shortly Hulk has left The Avengers and Captain America joined the group. Such rotation became a hallmark of the comics.
Currently, there are three teams of Avengers and Avengers Academy. They fight against enemies, which no superhero can defeat alone. Over the years computer and video games were released, as well as made animated and full-length movies based on the Avengers comics.

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